Posted by: sglentertainment | March 12, 2012

Drake Mefestta’s Artwork Is Now Featured On Several New Book Covers

Renowned Artist, Musician and Actor, Drake Mefestta now has several of his finest artwork pieces featured on several new and upcoming books. Here is a list of the titles:

1). Into the Inferno: The Ninth Gate Magazine collection.
Issues 1-7, Dark Moon Press brings you the collected works of all six issues of The Ninth Gate Magazine, reformatted and includes the never seen final issue! A mixture of dark underground publications of its kind, it focused on authors, artists, bands and articles from Goth, Occult, Satanism and Vampire subculture and dark pop culture overall. Some of the people featured are Joseph Vargo, Michelle Belanger, Raven Digitalis, and Christopher Penzack, members of the Church of Satan such as Marilyn Mansfield, Magister Paradise and more. A unique collectable printing.

2). Claw and Fang Tooth and Nail: A Werecreature Anthology.
Dark Moon Press brings you a collection of short stories of werecreatures of all kinds by various authors.

3). Zombie Nation: From Folklore to Modern Frenzy.

4). Dante’s Inferno: (Original Reprint).

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