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Artwork Revealed for “Fading Star” The New Single by Cradle Of Filth Keyboardist Lindsay Schoolcraft featuring Dani Filth


The Album Artwork for “Fading Star” The New Single by Cradle Of Filth keyboardist Lindsay Schoolcraft featuring Dani Filth is Now Complete.

Schoolcraft "Fading Star" with Dani Filth

The new song is now available to Download via Bandcamp. SGL Entertainment Artist Drake Mefestta of Drake Arts Studio is behind the Graphic artwork with photography by Tim Tronckoe photography. Drake Mefestta will also be doing the Graphic Arts for the New Cradle of Filth Album. “As the visual creative director we set out from the photography, cover, the booklet, even the coloring, taking every possible means to re-create the luster, the filthy euphoria which made Cradle of Filth one of the top acts in Black Metal” Quotes Drake Mefestta “An album is meant to be experienced and this is what we are creating with quite the feeling of nostalgia as well.”

Drake Mefestta[

Drake Mefestta

From Dani Filth:
“Cradle are now officially midway through writing their new album, which promises to really stoke the fires this time round, as the ten songs already shitten are sounding ultimately like a return to the darkly phantasmagorical of the late nineties and early noughties. Hell truly awaits!”

Dani Filth and Lindsay Schoolcraft

Dani Filth and Lindsay Schoolcraft

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